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Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

By Adam Astbury

July 25th, 2019

The world of web is fast paced, and the technology is constantly evolving. A lot can change in just a couple of months, but if you’re sitting on a website that’s three or four years old, then it’s probably time for a change.

Out with the old…

When it comes to design, first impressions count. Take a look at your competitors, does your website look dated in comparison? What might have looked good back in the Web 2.0 era (shadow, gradient and reflection overload), may now appear quite dated and could even be turning away potential customers – especially if it has an amateur feel about it.

The beauty in the current trend of minimalistic design means that a refresh would be money well spent – not just because you’d be bringing your business up to date, but in the longevity; as your website will age more gracefully.

Is your website responsive (mobile-friendly)?

Expecting your users to scroll, pinch and zoom their way around a website that’s ten times the size of their screen could be likened to a shopkeeper asking their customers to use the window instead. As bad as it sounds, unless a visitor really wants your product/service – and it isn’t easily available elsewhere – then chances are they’ll be off like a shot!

In the UK alone, Ofcom statistics show that 72% of consumers use a smartphone – that’s a lot of business to potentially lose!

Is your website slow?

According to Google, it’s recommended that you keep your website load speed to less than 2 – 3 seconds.

The many advancements over the years have made lighter and cleaner code much more possible. Page speed is a high contributing factor in your search engine positioning, so ensuring that your website loads as quickly as possible is a no-brainer. How does your existing website measure up? Check out your results here using Google PageSpeed.

Is your website user-friendly?

If your inbox is filling up with enquiries that should be answered by your website, then it isn’t user-friendly.

Your website should be designed and set out in such a way that it’s easy for your visitors to gain access to the information they’re looking for both quickly and easily. If this isn’t the case, not only are you losing valuable time on email but what about those visitors who don’t bother enquiring?

At Wonder Media, we’re experts at website strategy and UX (User Experience) design and would love to help you reach your full online potential. Why not pop in for a free no-obligation chat, and see what we can do for you?